Psychology is an interesting field that attempts to understand human behavior, and many pursue it to help others (Haselhuhn & Clopton, 2008). This field of study leads to many opportunities which is an advantage of the field but can also be a disadvantage. If psychology students want to pursue a graduate degree, they need to consider which subfield they will specialize in. There are a variety of sub-disciplines in the psychology field: clinical, counseling, industrial organization, experimental/research, neuroscience, cognition, forensic, etc. (Feist, 2006). The disadvantage is that if students do not know what to specialize in, it might feel daunting to explore all the options. There is also a disadvantage for students who do not want to pursue a graduate degree; Pinkus and Korn (1973) argued that there is no clear path for students with a bachelor’s in psychology. Due to this mystery in psychology students’ career opportunities, the purpose of this research is to investigate San Jose State University psychology alumni’s current occupations, salaries, and how graduate school affected their incomes. This analysis and interpretation of archival data will be used to convey different career opportunities in psychology to students at San Jose State University (SJSU). This analysis has the potential to help other students have a broader understanding of the paths they may choose in this field.


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