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January 2013

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Issues in Information Systems

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Deer Management, California Deer Population, Internet, Data Mining


Management Information Systems | Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods | Nonprofit Administration and Management


An ongoing project to investigate the use of the internet as an information source for decision support identified the decline of the California deer population as a significant issue. Using Google Alerts, an automated keyword search tool, text and numerical data were collected from a daily internet search and categorized by region and topic to allow for identification of information trends. This simple data mining approach determined that California is one of only four states that do not currently report total, finalized deer harvest (kill) data online and that it is the only state that has reduced the amount of information made available over the internet in recent years. Contradictory information identified by the internet data mining prompted the analysis described in this paper indicating that the graphical information presented on the California Fish and Wildlife website significantly understates the severity of the deer population decline over the past 50 years. This paper presents a survey of how states use the internet in their deer management programs and an estimate of the California deer population over the last 100 years. It demonstrates how any organization can use the internet for data collection and discovery.


Copyright © 2013 International Association for Computer Information Systems. Citation: Webb, G. K. (2013). Deer Herd Management Using the Internet: A Comparative Study of California Targeted By Data Mining the Internet. Issues in Information Systems, XIV (2), 156-165.