United States Secretary of Transportation Rodney E. Slater, as part of his annual transportation tour for 2000, took part in a round table discussion regarding the transportation needs of the Silicon Valley. The event was co-sponsored by the California Commonwealth Club and the Mineta Transportation Institute on June 24, 2000. Secretary Slater was joined by a panel of local transportation leaders and stakeholders. This publication is a transcript of that forum, "2025 Visioning Session — Silicon Valley.” Panelists included: • United States Secretary of transportation Rodney E. Slater • Steve Berglund, President and CEO, Trimble Navigation • Larry Dahms, Executive Director of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission • Dr. John A. Dearien, CEO, CyberTran International • Rod Diridon, Executive Director, the Mineta Transportation Institute • Dr. Gloria C. Duffy, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer, Commonwealth Club of California • David Esmaili, Director, Advanced Transportation Technologies, West Valley College • Neil Garcia-Sinclair, Vice President, CyberTran International • Larry Gerston, Professor, Political Science, San José State University • Abdelaziz Hanif, Manager, Realty and Regional Transportation Specialist, NASA-Ames Research Center • Dr. Kathryn Heatley, Director, Outreach, member SVMG • The Honorable Zoe Lofgren, 16th Congressional District of California • Bill Lynch, Director of Navigation Services, Lockheed Martin Corporation • Norm McCraim, Deputy Chief of Staff, U.S. Department of Transportation • Norman Y.Mineta, Senior Vice President, Lockheed Transportation Systems Division • Jeff Morales, Director, Caltrans • The Honorable James Oberstar, 8th Congressional District of Minnesota • Dr. Donald L. Paul, Vice President of Technology and Environmental Affairs, Chevron Corporation • Dr. Stephen Van Beek, Deputy Administrator, U.S.Department of Transportation, Research and Special Programs Administration • Craig Van Kessell, Transportation Coordinator, Altrans

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