Transportation for an Aging Population: Promoting Mobility and Equity for Low-Income Seniors

Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris, University of California - Los Angeles
Martin Wachs, University of California - Berkeley
Lené Levy-Storms, University of California, Los Angeles
Madeline Brozen, University of California, Los Angeles


This study explores the travel patterns, needs, and mobility problems faced by diverse low-income, inner-city older adults in Los Angeles in order to identify solutions to their mobility challenges. The study draws information from: (1) a systematic literature review of the travel patterns of older adults; (2) a review of municipal policies and services geared toward older adult mobility in six cities; (3) a quantitative analysis of the mobility patterns of older adults in California using the California Household Travel Survey; and (4) empirical work with 81 older adults residing in and around Los Angeles’ inner-city Westlake neighborhood, who participated in focus groups, interviews, and walkabouts around their neighborhood.