As all aspects of the American workplace become automated or digitally enhanced to some degree, K12 educators have an increasing responsibility to help their students acquire the technical skills necessary to organize and interpret information. Increasingly, this is done through Geographic Information Systems (GIS), especially in careers related to transportation and logistics. The Center for International Trade & Transportation (CITT) at CSU Long Beach has developed this K12 Special Investigation Project to introduce ArcGIS StoryMaps, an engaging, accessible and sophisticated web-based GIS application. The lessons center on e-commerce and its accompanying environmental and economic impact. Still, the activities can be easily adapted to projects in any subject area, such as humanities, science, math, or language arts. This teacher blueprint includes a teacher training guide with ten detailed lesson plans and activities. With the guidance of a National Board-Certified Teacher in Early Adolescence Math as lead instructor, the curriculum is designed to align with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Also, exploration of STEM and GIS-related careers are incorporated into the lesson plans.

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Transportation Technology, Workforce and Labor

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