Regional Air Mobility (RAM) focuses on building upon existing airport infrastructure to transport people and goods using innovative aircraft that offer a huge improvement in efficiency, affordability, and community-friendly integration over existing regional transportation options. These aircraft, which typically carry less than 20 passengers or an equivalent weight in cargo, are flexible in terms of where they can take off and land, even using existing runways and infrastructure to maximize compatibility with today’s airports. This project examines the feasibility of RAM supporting high-speed transportation for high-priority passenger and cargo movement within Fresno County and connection to coastal urban centers. Some examples of high-priority passengers and cargo could include, but would not be limited to, medical patients needing specialized and/or emergency treatment, organ transport, and critical medical supply deliveries. Electrification of aviation is happening, and Fresno County has the potential to combine our existing closely spaced underutilized airport infrastructure, early demonstration, and experience with electric aircraft, renewable energy opportunities, central location within the state, and the need to open the door for new industry opportunities for youth to take advantage of this “Third Revolution” in aviation.

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