The rapid adoption of transformational technologies along with other economic and cultural shifts, have created a gap between workers and the skills and knowledge necessary for in-demand occupations. Trade and Transportation Talent Pipeline Blueprints: Building University-Industry Talent Pipelines in Colleges of Continuing and Professional Education identifies the steps required to build talent pipelines that target in-demand trade and transportation occupations requiring specific degrees, certificates, and non-credit professional development. This report provides a literature review and labor market data analysis. It also includes documentation of methodology in planning a pilot program for Colleges of Professional and Continuing Education housed within each of the 23 California State University campuses. The recommendations guide the colleges to develop talent pipelines to empower trade and transportation employers to play a more central role in addressing skills gaps and other critical workforce development needs in working partnerships with postsecondary education and training providers. The report concludes with a recommended university-industry Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Talent Pipeline pilot program.

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Transformational technologies, Talent pipelines, Workforce development, University-industry partnerships, Technology transfer, Innovation, Transdisciplinary, Skills-based learning


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