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May 2017




Interprofessional education is valued within healthcare professional programs as reflected in accreditation standards and program outcomes as well as college-wide initiatives. Little is known about the relationships between interprofessional attitudes among healthcare students (nursing, occupational therapy, social work), their degree of intercultural communication skills, and their professional identity. Thirty three students participating in interprofessional faculty-led study abroad completed pre- and postmeasures of the constructs under study: interprofessional attitudes, intercultural communication, and professional identity. Statistically significant positive relationships were found between interprofessional attitudes and intercultural communication skills which are discussed as well as implications for education and practice. This quantitative, descriptive study explored relationships between the variables which included cultural communication, interprofessional attitudes, and professional identity. This study supports the need for interprofessional exposure and experience for healthcare students. Educational pedagogy and practices will need to be adjusted to allow for increased emphasis on these variables, specifically for students in service-oriented health related fields.


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