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August 2018

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American Association of Physics Teachers




Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Educational Methods


Departmental Action Teams (DATs) are departmentally-based working groups of faculty, students, and staffaimed at achieving sustained departmental change related to undergraduate education. DATs have been conceptualized and are facilitated by members of our project team based on a set of Core Principles. These principles serve both as guides in the design of DATs and targets for the kinds of culture we aspire to create through our facilitation. In this paper, we describe our Core Principles, including theoretical underpinnings and a brief implementation example for each. We argue that articulating principles is a critical component of externalizing acomplex change effort and that our Core Principles are applicable beyond the DAT model.


This article was originally presented at the 2018 Physics Education Research Conference and can also be found at this link.©2018 AAPT PERTG

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