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August 2018

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American Association of Physics Teachers




Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research


Research on institutional change says that effective change agents are able to flexibly reason with multipleperspectives on change, depending on their local context and their goals. However, little is known about whatthis flexible reasoning looks like. In this exploratory work, we conducted and analyzed interviews in whichfaculty discussed departmental change. This work is part of an ongoing study to understand how to supportdepartmental change through Departmental Action Teams (DATs). Our preliminary analyses suggest that facultyhave multiple context-dependent ways to reason about change. This work will lead to a better understanding ofhow productive lines of reasoning can be leveraged in faculty communities that are trying to create change.


This article was originally presented at the 2018 Physics Education Research Conference and can also be found at this link. ©2018, AAPT PERTG

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