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January 2018

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Physics Education Research Topical Group, American Association of Physics Teachers


Education | Educational Leadership


The Access Network consists of nine university-based programs from across the country working towards a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible STEM community. Each program places a strong emphasis on undergraduate and graduate student leadership, and some programs are entirely student-led. One component of Access is an annual Assembly, which brings together representatives from current and potential Access sites to update each other, share lessons learned, support each other in overcoming challenges, participate in professional development, and build relationships with others interested in promoting justice in STEM education. The Assembly is co-designed by a team of student leaders from each of the nine Access sites in collaboration with network leaders. In this poster, we discuss the Access Network structure and development process, positive highlights and challenges that we encountered, and lessons learned through ongoing reflective practices.


This poster was originally presented at the 2018 Physical Education Research Conference and can also be found online at this link.© 2018, AAPT PERTG