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July 2015

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American Association of Physics Teachers




Education | Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering


Undergraduate research can support students’ more central participation in physics. We present analysis of one way this participation may shift: changes in their beliefs about the Nature of Science coupled to changes in a sense of ability to contribute to authentic research. Students in the study worked with faculty and graduate student research mentors on research projects and also participated in a seminar where they learned about research and reflected on their experiences. In videotaped interviews, we asked students to describe their experiences in research. Students developed nuanced views about how the research process works coupled to shifts in their sense of confidence in ability to contribute to research, feeling like their contributions as novices mattered.


This article was originally presented at the 2015 PERC Proceedings. College Park, MD, and can also be found online at this link. © 2015, AAPT PERTG

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