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January 2019

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Journal of Physics: Conference Series



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Astrophysics and Astronomy | Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics


Motivated by recent advances in the representation of ground state wavefunctions of quantum many-body systems using restricted Boltzmann machines as variational ansatz, we utilize an open-source platform for constructing such ansatz called NetKet to explore the extent of applicability of restricted Boltzmann machines to bosonic lattice models. Within NetKet, we design and train these machines for the one-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model through a Monte Carlo sampling of the Fock space. We vary parameters such as the strength of the onsite repulsion, the chemical potential, the system size and the maximum site occupancy and use converged equations of state to identify phase boundaries between the Mott insulating and superfluid phases. We compare the average density and the energy to results from exact diagonalization and map out the ground state phase diagram, which agrees qualitatively with previous finding obtained through conventional means.


This article was published in Journal of Physics: Conference Series, volume 1290, issue 1, 2019 and can also be found at this link.

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