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This is the Third Annual Report on the independent evaluation of the California Master Plan for Special Education, which was mandated in Assembly Bill 1250 and Senate Bill 1870. It contains the findings from follow-up studies in six Master Plan (MP) and four non-Master Plan (NMP) areas during 1979-80. The findings are based on responses of administrators, support personnel, and special education and regular classroom teachers to question­ naires and to questions asked during interviews conducted by SRI staff mem­ bers during 1-week visits to each of the 10 sites. The following topics were explored in greater depth during the year: · Comparison of enrollment and placement patterns for 1978-79 and 1979-80. · Local evaluation efforts, record keeping, and data management. The role of the resource specialist. · Inservice training for the regular classroom teacher. Parent involvement and participation. · Interagency agreements and the use of other types of outside re­sources.


This report was originally published in SRI International, 1981. ©1981 SRI International