The catalyst for this special issue of Secrecy and Society stems from a workshop titled “Secrecy and Intelligence: Opening the Black Box” held at North Carolina State University, April, 2016. This workshop brought together interested scholars, intelligence practitioners, and civil society members from the United States and Europe to discuss how different facets of secrecy and other practices shape the production of knowledge in intelligence work.

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This dialogue is reflective as to how the closed social worlds of intelligence shape what intelligence actors and intelligence analysts, including those within the intelligence establishment and those on the outside, know about security threats and the practice of intelligence. The papers in this special issue reflect conversations that occurred during and after the workshop.

The guest editors for this special issue of Secrecy and Society are Kathleen Vogel and Brian Balmer.

Current Issue: Volume 2, Number 1 (2018) Secrecy and Intelligence

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Secrecy and Intelligence: Introduction
Kathleen Vogel and Brian Balmer