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June 2015


The United Nations supported Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME), has identified Corporate Peace as an important component of fostering peaceful societies. This includes the need for companies to incorporate peace and reduction of violence into their core business strategy. Realisation of business strategy requires alignment with all organisational business functions, including human resource management. I propose that one avenue toward Corporate Peace, particularly in contexts of protracted and violent political conflict, is through conflict-sensitive human resource management practices in the areas of employee support, participation, and integration. These practices include providing material and emotional support to employees, encouraging employee engagement in collaborative problem solving and innovation, and managing team composition to optimise diversity. The objective of this paper is to offer a conceptual framework and set of propositions that illustrate the proposed role of such practices in creating peaceful oases within firms and in the wider society. Conflict-sensitive human resource management practices are proposed to enhance employee attitudes and well-being in a context of societal conflict while modelling positive peace-promoting behaviour that can be transferred to society.


This article originally appeared in Business, Peace and Sustainable Development, 2015, 5, June 2015. ©2015 Greenleaf Publishing. This work can also be found online at this link:

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