Shameless Self-Promotion During Pandemic Times with Tess McCarthy


Tess McCarthy

Presented on

Spring 2-8-2021



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Tess McCarthy is a Career Transitionist—essentially one who can shape-shift roles into a meaningful career that’s flexible & seemingly impervious to life’s challenges. Her current title is Digital Asset Management Systems Librarian and taxonomy consultant to Walmart eCommerce. This talk, “Shameless self-promotion: selling yourself during pandemic times,” is a presentation on how she got a job she loves during an epically challenging point last year when the crisis hit the Bay Area. She’ll discuss strategy used, transferable skills, job prospects in the market today for information workers & what shameless self-promoting really is about—and it’s not what you think it is!


promotion, job seeking, career, Zoom, interviews, resume


Archival Science | Cataloging and Metadata | Collection Development and Management | Communication Technology and New Media | Databases and Information Systems | Graphics and Human Computer Interfaces | Information Literacy | Library and Information Science | Scholarly Communication | Scholarly Publishing | Social Media

Shameless Self-Promotion During Pandemic Times with Tess McCarthy