Finding Joy Again

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Fall 9-12-2021



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The talk, “Finding Joy Again” will be a presentation on how librarians keep returning to the idea of “taking care” as we move into a post-pandemic world. After taking care of ourselves, our families and friends, and others in the world, we return to tending to the needs of our users: offering a safe space for every person who comes through our doors to learn and grow, designing welcoming spaces for folks to come together to collaborate and exchange ideas, creating thriving digital communities, and providing participatory services to promote learning and well-being. What we want for everyone we serve is Joy. We want our users to experience joy. That’s what the library should be about: the joy of learning; the joy of exploring, the joy of experience, and the joy of simply being immersed in an amazing story. This session will engage with participants around these concepts and get us all thinking about what it means to offer joyful library services.


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Finding Joy Again