The Spartan Daily is the student newspaper currently distributed three days a week on the San Jose State campus and in the surrounding community. It covers news, sports, arts and entertainment, tech and opinion relating to the campus and its students.

San José State University’s student newspaper has experienced several title changes over the years: The Normal Times (Oct. 1909–June 1920); The College Times (Sept. 1921–Oct. 1921); State Teachers College Times (Nov. 1921–June 1926); State College Times (Sept. 1926–April 1934); and Spartan Daily (April 1934–present).

Summertimes, a supplement to the Spartan Daily, was published during the summer months from 1936 to the 1980s.

To contact the editorial staff of the Spartan Daily, please direct correspondence to spartandaily at gmail dot com. To contact the Spartan Daily advertising staff, please contact spartandailyadvertising at gmail dot com. You may also contact the staff at 408-924-3283.


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