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ADV 132 enables students to explore the craft and process of user experience and user interface design. They develop their skills within the context of a specific brief. The aim is to offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a particular problem and come up with creative solutions that will come to life on digital media platforms.

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Fall 2021

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Media Arts


ADV 132 UX and UI Design for Advertising


Journalism and Mass Communications


Computer-Aided Engineering and Design | Industrial and Product Design | Sustainability

Explain how your assignment addresses Sustainable Futures.

This assignment is scaffolded in three sections. Students solve a problem and create a digital product (app, website, etc) in response to the problem. The problem is focused around ocean sustainability and coastal activism. Students work through the human centered design process and engage in user experience design research methods and practices. they are provided with resources on ocean sustainability and they produce a Spark report on their sustainability research and its relationship with the UXUI aspects of their exercise. They then work through the UI stage of their project and produce a website or ap that educates users and encourages them to take action in their coastal communities. The focus is on sustainability and sustainable practices. The product informs, educates and activates a user group. The aim is to engage students with practice and craft alongside a core, deep understanding of issues. the product students design will have the goal of preventing coastal erosion and pollution to damage the ocean and coastal environment.

Explain how your assignment is robust, innovative, or active engagement of students.

The assignment is carefully phased. As students undertake the UX research phase they become familiar with tools and methods that are common inUX design. As well as developing a deep understanding of their users and the marketplace they also immerse themselves in sustainability issues. Designing a product from a point of understanding and knowledge enables a better product to emerge. The assignment takes them into areas outside of their disciplines - these are advertising and design majors mostly - and they begin the process of developing an ethical practice. they ask questions and they use their powers of visual communication for good. The assignment is supported with three modules. The second module is the heart of their learning. This is where resources on sustainability are explored. But they are starting points - students use these resources as jumping off points for deeper research.

Explain how your assignment might be used outside your own discipline.

This assignment can be used in engineering, for example, or any other discipline involved in "making". It enables students to design and make for a reason, a cause. It brings an ethical angle to their practice. It can also be used in environmental studies, for example, or any other discipline that studies the environment and sustainability as it offers students a way to create a practical response to the problems they are already studying. It can also be used in subjects like political science where students consider the roles of activists in driving change. Again, the project enables them to find a practical solution to their studies.

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Rip Curl: Community Activism for the Coast (The UX Phase, Rip Curl and Sustainability, The UI Phase)