Jan Ekenberg


In this article, “Reviewing Currents,” an art review by Jan Ekenberg, Ekenberg describes a variety of different technological art pieces. Ekenberg describes how the commonality of technological backgrounds in art can lead to a “de-charge,” in terms of experiencing each artwork individually. The author comes to this conclusion by explaining how some artworks are nicer to the viewer than the others. Some experiences are negative, some are positive; since these examples are interactive pieces. Ekenbeg then shows examples of these art pieces, such as Guy Marsden and Bruce Cannon’s pieces, as well as Timothy Ryan’s piece. Bruce Cannon’s piece, “Donation Box,” is a good example of a negative, “de-charged,” viewer experience that Ekenberg mentions. This piece is described to accept your dollar bills, and shred it. Essentially, this creates that de-charged experience, as you don’t get anything back in return, and you lose your money which is of value. Ekenberg then explains further on how artists like Steve Durie, Joe DeLappe, and Geri Wittig are using computers in order to further investigate concepts that are in no relation to the technology itself. Ekenberg describes how more artists like these will emerge to question more about art technology as a system and as a whole.

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