This page showcases a timeline of events and exhibitions that took place at San José State University that were hosted by CADRE from May 96’ May 97’. The reason for the events was to explore technologies within art at colleges and to expand on the topic of interactive, electronic performance concerts, and digital media. Furthermore, these installations were meant to introduce newer digital media forms into the program. The artist wanted viewers to experience a new advanced interactive experience. During the concert what was showcased was electroacoustic music as well as other live performers and “autonomous agents” which are robots and computers. During the exhibition an array of different digital media was being presented such as computer animations, videos, interactive display, computer graphics and much more. The overall concept of these events was to focus on the artistic nature of artificial life.

Preservation Process

Archived from http://switch.sjsu.edu/archive/nextswitch/switch_engine/front/front.php%3Fartc=163.html. Documentation of the preservation processes used for this collection is available at https://github.com/NickSzydlowski/switch. Metadata for this item was created and augmented by Cris Gutierrez, Spring 2022, Art 104

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