Switch Staffs


In this article, “Staff and Credits for Switch Vol. 1” the authors list off the names of those who contributed in various jobs. They start by listing off the names of Editorial Advisor, Co-Editors, Design Team, and so forth. The Switch Staffs also add information regarding who contributed in Calendar Listings, those who participated in being Copy editors, Agents, as well as contributing writers. At the end of this article, the Switch Staffs then list off their cross references and link their sources as well.

Preservation Process

Archived from http://switch.sjsu.edu/archive/nextswitch/switch_engine/front/front.php%3Fartc=115.html. Documentation of the preservation processes used for this collection is available at https://github.com/NickSzydlowski/switch. Metadata for this item was created and augmented by Deana Desilva, Spring 2022, Art 104