University Scholar Series: Carlos Sanchez


University Scholar Series: Carlos Sanchez


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The Philosophy of Brutality: A Preface in Three Parts

Dr. Carlos Alberto Sanchez's current research focuses on the philosophy of violence, particularly on the distinction between "violence" and "brutality." To highlight this difference, violence and brutality are thought within the context of Mexican narco-culture, a socio-political and historico-cultural phenomenon that challenges the very conception of violence, personhood, and culture itself. His talk will deal with issues surrounding this current work.

Professor Sanchez is currently the graduate advisor for the MA program in philosophy, Editor of the American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Hispanic/Latino Issues in Philosophy, Chair of Inter-American Relations for the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy, and author of three books, co-editor of two critical anthologies, and has penned a couple of dozen articles on phenomenology or Mexican philosophy.

Date of Event

Fall 11-14-2018


philosophy, philosophy of violence, violence, brutality, Mexican narco-culture, socio-political, historico-cultural, culture


Applied Ethics | Chicana/o Studies | Ethics and Political Philosophy | History of Philosophy | Latina/o Studies | Other Philosophy | Philosophy | Philosophy of Mind | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies

University Scholar Series: Carlos Sanchez