James Morgan

Document Type

Final Class Paper

Publication Date

Spring 5-2017


The Binding of Isaac, Edmund McMillen


The paper discusses how Edmund McMillen created “The Binding of Isaac”. It goes into his inspirations, influences, and his background leading up to the game. It then describes the game, going into its mechanics, design, art and story and how each of these elements were unique and risky to put into an Indie game. I discussed how “The Binding of Isaac” brought in fresh, new elements that most mainstream games wouldn’t dare touch, and despite that “Binding of Isaac” accomplished amazing success. Then, I talk about how the game was initially made by a group of two people, and was made with no intention of being a success (they explained they made the game for themselves), but I concluded that over the time the game formed into a game made by the community, making it greater than any other mainstream game. Edmund values feedback from the community, often promoting mods, fanart, and suggestions. Most of the DLCs McMillen created later consisted a lot of the items, bosses, and dungeons made from fans alone. In conclusion, “The Binding of Isaac” lead Indie games to a whole new pathway and welcomed innovation and uniqueness, and over time became something even greater than any other game, a game created by the love and support of not only McMillen himself, but the fans as well.