James Morgan

Document Type

Final Class Paper

Publication Date

Spring 5-2017


MMORPG, video games, life skills


The purpose of this essay is to explore the popularity and effects of video games in the MMORPG genre. Games and play have been a part of human culture for an exceptionally long time, and in the recent decades video games have a become a large medium to continue this. Studying how video games, such as MMORPGs, can be used in order to advance life skills is important to understand the future of human development. By researching other studies done on various topics of related to MMORPG, I developed the idea that this genre of video games could be very impactful on future human development. The skills taught while playing a MMORPG can have real world applications and have shown preliminary success in doing so. Such skills include rapid decision making, civic responsibility, and social skills have been shown to improve as players play in this fantasy world. As such, further research into the full impact of MMORPGs needs to be done to fully understand the full scope of skills being utilized and developed during this form of play.