James Morgan

Document Type

Final Class Paper

Publication Date

Spring 5-24-2021


Environment, Sonic Feedback, Schizophonia, Diagetic


This paper will take the form of an analysis, with video games as the medium/text that will be analysed. Although analysis is typically reserved for poems, books, short stories, or plays, video games are simply a form of conveying ideas and a form of text that is representative of the 21st century. Video games is a rare medium that has an interactive element, which can alter/enhance the experience an audience member can have, even if there were the same audio/visual components in a film or play. In most forms of media with an audio component, the analysis is done by a passive listener, one who is not interacting with the piece/having any form of impact on it as it is being played (Collins, 2008) . With forms of media that invite passive listening, it is easier for every potential audience member to have the same experience, with the meaning of the experience being relatively the same. This paper will analyse the usage of sound/music in video games and how the experience of the medium can be affected greatly by it.