James Morgan

Document Type

Final Class Paper

Publication Date

Spring 2022


Psychology, Video Games, Human Brain, Technology, PlayStation, Xbox


Through the birth of the computer, our world has seen a rapid advancement in the multi-faceted use of this technology. The advancements in computers brought about the invention of video game consoles. Basically a different type of computer. Game consoles today are all basically computers, they contain a hard drive and operating system just like a computer (Daniel, 2012). Without even looking into the harmful effects of what a regular computer has on the brain and eyes of a person, one can assume that it is not beneficial to spend hours on one every day or even every other day. Not only does the radiation from the screen come into play, but the harmful effects on the eyes are another large concern as well (Nichols, 2017). With these high-powered game consoles being so new in terms of creation, the studies can not be seen at the depth they need to be yet. Generation X and Z will be the true guinea pigs of these game consoles' effects on the development of the brain. Now the effects of these consoles do not have to be so bleak because some studies show great benefits from play. In an article done by MedicalNewsToday, they share a multitude of studies on the benefits of attention and cognitive ability. Much research has shown many different improvements in cognitive ability not just in the developing brains of children, but also in adults. The psychological effects of video games are an important area of study because of the vast amount of positive and negative benefits that not just affect the people of today but the people of the future as well.