James Morgan

Document Type

Final Class Paper

Publication Date

Spring 2022


Video Game, Skating, Tony Hawk


Looking back on life there are so many memories that have truly made a lasting impact, these can include different vacations, accomplishments, and family, but have you ever had one that included a game or video game? From my personal experience, Tony Hawk Pro Skater has been one of those memories for me from childhood and now as an adult. Tony Hawk Pro Skater was a key part of my enjoyment and leisure as a child while also providing me with memories of time spent with my older brothers. In this paper, we will be highlighting the different elements of the game as well as sharing my personal account of the game as a child and as an adult. The key areas we will be discussing and talking about include graphics, audio/music, MDA (mechanics, dynamics, and aesthetics), and the original vs. the updated version of the game.