James Morgan

Document Type

Final Class Paper

Publication Date

Spring 2023


Gaming, History, Mechanics


Since the rise of technology in the early nineteen sixties the art of gaming became an increasingly popular form of entertainment for many people throughout the years. As time progressed so did the advancements in technology which allowed for video games to become more immersive, captivating, and complex. Due to these advancements in tech, it generated a wide variety of ways for developers to increase game complexities. However, as the complexity of video games has increased, so too has the number of hidden game mechanics. These game mechanics are seen as the underlying systems and rules that govern how the game operates and how players interact with it. While these mechanics may not be immediately apparent to players, they can have quite a profound impact on how a player may experience their game. Throughout this essay, I will explore the ways in which the world of hidden game mechanics can have a large impact on its players, from Easter Eggs to in-game purchases, enticements, leaderboards and more.