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January 2007


In 2006, the Oak Lawn Park District began a multi-phase strategic planning process. They partnered with the University of Illinois' Office of Recreation and Park Resources to conduct a recreation and park needs assessment/evaluation study. Data for this study was collected from August through December, 2006. In addition to the final study report of findings, the Office of Recreation and Park Resources also conducted an analysis of demographic and recreation trends. Existing data collected by the U.S. Forest Service and the National Sporting Goods Association regarding recreation preferences, behaviors and trends was used in conjunction with the OakLawn Park District study findings for this trends analysis. Among the demographics examined, age, race/ethnicity and gender are highlighted in this reported due to their direct impact on people's leisure and recreation decisions and behaviors.In this report, demographic trends are first presented, followed by detailed analyses of Age, Race/Ethnicity and Gender in regards to recreation trends. Implications for programming within the Oak Lawn Park District are also presented to help with future parks and recreation planning.


Report prepared for the Oak Lawn Park District, Illinois.
This is the Draft Report, excerpted from Oak Lawn Park District Comprehensive Plan: Recreation Programming Plan, which is available online at this link.