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April 2017

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American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting (AERA)


Academic Outcomes, Bilingual/Bicultural, Hispanic Education


The purpose of this research is to examine the language proficiency and reading achievement trajectories of 2201 fourth- through eighth-grade students who differed by English language proficiency and were enrolled in a dual language program. Results showed that: 1) students achieved average in Spanish reading achievement and at similar levels in English as their English mainstream ELL peers; 2) students in the four English language proficiency groups varied significantly in all outcome measures in English and Spanish (FEP>Advanced>Intermediate>Beginner) by upper, but not K/1 entry, grades; and 3) examining students’ trajectories shows the importance of Bilingual, not just English, proficiency at school entry and the impact of Spanish reading on English reading in grades 3 and 5-8.


Paper presented as part of session: Dual-Language Education.
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