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June 2017

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APL Materials


In this work, we demonstrate that the optical bandgap of WO3 films can be continuouslycontrolled through uniaxial strain induced by low-energy helium implantation.The insertion of He into epitaxially grown and coherently strained WO3 films canbe used to induce single axis out-of-plane lattice expansion of up to 2%. Ellipsometricspectroscopy reveals that the optical bandgap is reduced by about 0.18 eVper percent expansion of the out-of-plane unit cell length. Density functional theorycalculations show that this response is a direct result of changes in orbital degeneracydriven by changes in the octahedral rotations and tilts.


SJSU users: Use the following link to login and access the article via SJSU databases.This article was published in APL Materials, volume 5, issue 6, 2017, and can also be found online here.