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Teacher educators have a civic responsibility to prepare novice teachers to foster relationships across cultural, racial, and socioeconomic divides. Care ethics acknowledges this imperative. This study explores how to cultivate the knowledge, skills and dispositions associated with constructing a caring stance toward the work of teaching. Data come from two preservice teacher education courses. A cluster of course activities sought to foster novice teachers’ core skills for a caring stance. In particular, one assignment, an ethical dilemma case, gave the novice teachers the opportunity to write a narrative about practice and consider any potential moral implications. Since narrative methodology accounts for context and particularity, the assignment supported novice teachers’ consideration of the demands of care in relationship.


This article was published in The Constructivist, volume 19, issue 1, 2008. Copyright is held by the Association for Constructivist Teaching (ACT). It is included here with the permission of the Association president.