Christensen, Carol L.

Christensen, Carol L.

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Human Performance (currently Kinesiology)

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Year Retired from SJSU


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Educational Background

San Jose State College 1963 BA

University of Callfornia, Santa Barbara 1976 MS

University of Utah 1980 PhD

Teaching Experience

San Jose State University 1980-2000

University of Utah (TA) 1976-1980

Ventura High School 1970-1974

Marina High School 1965-1967

La Serna High School 1963-1965

Administrative and Professional Experience

Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, SJSU, January to July 2005

Associate Dean, College of Applied Sciences and Arts, SJSU , 2000-2004 and 1986-1988

Selected Publications

I authored or co-authored 1 book (Fitness Survival Guide), 3 book chapters, 2 sections in encyclopedia of sport, 13 scholarly papers and 32 scholarly presentations (at local, national, and international professional conferences). And I made 28 professional presentations. In addition, I gave talks to a variety of groups on several topics including fitness for women, nutrition for sport and exercise, and guidelines for conditioning. Examples follow:

  • Christensen, Carol L. (2001). Women's physiology and exercise: Influences and effects. In Cohen, Greta L. (Ed), Women in sport: Issues and controversies (2nd Edition). Oxon Hill, MD: AAHPERD Publications.

  • Christensen, C. L. (2000). Immunity. International Encyclopedia of Women and Sports. Editors: Christensen, K., Guttmann, A, and Pfister, G. New York, NY: Macmillan Reference USA.

  • Ashworth, J., Christensen, C. L., & Cisar, C. J. (2000). The effects of caffeine on power output during intermittent high intensity leg ergometry exercise. Sport Medicine, Training, and Rehabilitation.

  • Christensen, Carol L, & Weber, Janet. (1996, second printing 1998). Fitness Survival Guide. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt Publishers.

  • Chen, G. & Christensen, C. (1994). Creative thinking ability of female and male physical education teacher education students. Perspectives, 14, 51-57.

Personal Commentary

I am a native Californian who found the perfect field in exercise physiology where I was able to combine my love of sports and science. My undergraduate education from San Jose State College in Women’s Physical Education was excellent and provided me with a great set of teaching skills. In my first teaching assignment, I taught track and field – activities that I had never engaged in. But with the help of the track coach, who taught me how to perform the events, and the skills developed at SJS,C I survived and thrived that year.

From this start, I went on to gather more degrees and a position at San Jose State University (a change from when it called SJS College). The faculty and experiences there contributed to my growth as a person and professional. Serving on committees across campus introduced to many faculty in others fields and broadened my already broad interests. There were students who were challenging and those who added much to the classes I taught. Every once in awhile I see a student while out in the community and hear about their successes. This all makes me proud to have been part of their education.

Not only did I have a wonderful career at SJSU, but it provided me with the resources for my most enjoyable retirement. My life now includes a variety of activities: RV trips, golfing year round, exercise, photography, and gardening. Being a generalist I’m proficient in each of these activities but not outstanding at any of them. I also volunteer with Nike Animal Rescue Foundation and am on the SJSU Emeritus Faculty Association executive board. Since retirement my travels have taken me to Iceland, Tanzania, Mexico, Costa Rica and Canada. My plan is to continue the above activities for as long as possible. Considering that I golf with a woman in her late 80’s and take RV trips with a couple who are nearly 90 years old, I should be on the road and golf courses for many years to come.


Christensen, Carol L.