Uhlik, Kim S.


Uhlik, Kim S.

Date Updated



Originally Recreation and Leisure, now Health Sciences and Recreation

Academic Rank

Associate Professor ( retired after attaining tenure, and promotion to Associate)

Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

Kent State University, PhD, 1999.

Kent State University, MA, 1976

Baldwin-Wallace College, BS, 1974

Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor, San Jose State University, 2006-2011.

Assistant Professor, Kent State University, 2003-2006.

Selected Publications

Bannon, Joseph J. and Uhlik, Kim S., "Management Strategies: Timely—And Timeless—Advice For Solving Typical Management Problems,” Second Edition, Sagamore-Venture (2018)

Personal Commentary

The principal benefit of the diversity promoted by higher education is that it allows people of different backgrounds to interact in both formal and informal settings. As a result, they realize that they are more similar than different, and that stereotypes are neither valid nor useful. SJSU is particularly suited to demonstrate this truth.


Uhlik, Kim S.