Uhlik, Kim S.

Uhlik, Kim S.

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Originally Recreation and Leisure, now Health Sciences and Recreation

Academic Rank

Emeritus Professor (retired after attaining tenure and promotion to Associate Professor)

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Facebook: All Kim S Uhlik

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Educational Background

Kent State University, PhD, 1999.

Kent State University, MA, 1976

Baldwin-Wallace College, BS, 1974

Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor, San Jose State University, 2006-2011.

Assistant Professor, Kent State University, 2003-2006.

Selected Publications


Bannon, Joseph J. and Uhlik, Kim S., "Management Strategies: Timely—And Timeless—Advice For Solving Typical Management Problems,” Second Edition, Sagamore-Venture (2018). This book is the result of the authors' 80-plus years combined experience working with leisure service organizations in the United States and around the world. Throughout this period, they have conducted numerous classes, workshops and seminars, program evaluations, needs assessments, and organizational evaluations, paying particular attention to the thoughts and concerns of managers in the field.This book represents a comprehensive encyclopedia of concise yet substantive information and advice on a variety of management issues. Management Strategies: Timely—and Timeless—Advice for Solving Typical Management Problems presents information that will help you deal with peers, supervisors, subordinates, program participants, the general public, the press, and others with whom you may have contact. The book will serve as a valuable resource for students enrolled in a variety of management/leadership courses, especially leisure studies programs (parks, recreation, hospitality, and tourism)—our future managers. Available at: http://works.bepress.com/kim-uhlik/3/


Kim Uhlik. "Mixed Up: Not Confused" (2022). Las Vegas Clark County Public Library District. This major work was a solo art exhibition featuring 18 works in multiple media (oil, acrylic, watercolor, ink, spray paint, collage, photography) and multiple formats (ranging from small to large). Available at: http://works.bepress.com/kim-uhlik/2/

Kim Uhlik. "Color + Shape" (2020). Las Vegas Clark County Public Library District. As a trained cARTographer, I adhere to the principles of simplification, generalization, and selection, and thus to the use of (most often two-dimensional) "pure" geographic forms (point, line, triangles, quadrangles, and arcs / circles), alone and in combination. When expressed using a palette comprised of the three primary colors foundational both to the additive and to the subtractive schema - and black and white - the resulting artwork exhibits crisp lines, well defined figures, distinctive colors, and ample "space" in which to roam, explore, and play. Exclusive of my digital photography prints, my career-long preference has been for oil paint (and, more recently, acrylic) on large canvasses - reminiscent of the modernist painters - to produce contemporary works that "breathe," and are more human in scale: visually intriguing, yet accessible. Available at: https://works.bepress.com/kim-uhlik/1/

Personal Commentary

The principal benefit of the diversity promoted by higher education is that it allows people of different backgrounds to interact in both formal and informal settings. As a result, they realize that they are more similar than different, and that stereotypes are neither valid nor useful. SJSU is particularly suited to demonstrate this truth.

During my active academic career, my principal line of research has been “partnership,” as a manifestation of all human relationships, rather than only in its more limited scope within traditional business and legal forms. In retirement, I have returned to my artistic pursuits in painting, assemblage, and digital photography.


Uhlik, Kim S.