Osland, Joyce S.

Osland, Joyce S.

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School of Global Innovation & Leadership

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Professor, Lucas Endowed Professor of Global Leadership, 2006-2020

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Joyce Osland

Educational Background

Case Western Reserve University, 1990 Ph.D.

University of Washington, 1972 MSW

Social Welfare, University of Minnesota, 1970 B. A.

Teaching Experience

San Jose State University, 2002-2020

University of Portland, 1992-2002

INCAE, Central American Institute of Business Administration, 1989-1992

Case Western Reserve University, 1988-1989

Administrative and Professional Experience

Executive Director, Global Leadership Advancement Center (GLAC), SJSU, 2007-2020


Co-founded GLAC; the GLLab; Global Leader Speaker Series; Social Innovation Leadership Forum; Global Leadership Passport Program; Global Leadership Gateway Workshops; Minor in Global Leadership & Innovation; Certificate in Advanced Global Leadership and directed all but the minor, 2008-2020.

Established and taught the Global Leadership Exchange Program with Leuphana University, Germany; 2008-2020

Selected Publications

  • Osland, J., & Bird, A. (2000). Beyond Sophisticated Stereotyping: Cultural Sensemaking in Context. Academy of Management Executive, 14(1): 65-77.
  • Osland, J. (2003). Broadening the Debate: The Pros and Cons of Globalization. Journal of Management Inquiry, 12(2): 137-154.
  • Oddou, G., Osland, J., & Blakeney, R. (2009). Repatriating Knowledge: Variables Influencing the “Transfer” Process. Journal of International Business Studies 40, 181–199.
  • Adler, N., & Osland, J. (2016). Women Leading Globally: What We Know, Thought We Knew, and Need to Know about Leadership in the 21st Century. Women Shaping Organizations and Society in the 21st Century. Advances in Global Leadership, 9, 15-56.
  • Reiche, S., Bird, A., Mendenhall, M., & Osland, J. (2017) Contextualizing Leadership: A Typology of Global Leadership Roles. Journal of International Business Studies, 48: 552-572.
  • Szkudlarek, B., Nardon, L., Osland, J., Adler, N., & Lee, E. (2019) When context matters: What happens to international theory when researchers study refugees. Academy of Management Perspective, Published online 11 Sep 2019
  • M. Mendenhall, J. Osland, A. Bird, G. Oddou, M. Maznevski, M. Stevens & G. Stahl. (2018). Global Leadership: Research, Practice, and Development. 2nd Edition. London: Routledge.
  • Osland, J. (senior editor) (2014, 2016, 2017, 2019-2021). Advances in Global Leadership, vol. 8-13. Bingley, UK: Emerald.

Personal Commentary

I’m very grateful to SJSU and to Donald and Sally Lucas for allowing me to focus on advancing the field of global leadership and experiment with creating programs and curricula in this relatively young field. It was an honor and a joy to teach SJSU students in an ‘institution of opportunity’ and a pleasure to work with many colleagues, staff and administrators.


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Osland, Joyce S.