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Marketing and Business Analytics, College of Business

Academic Rank

Lecturer C Faculty

Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

University of Delhi, India, Statistics, 1973 Ph.D.

University of Delhi, India, Statistics, 1960 M.A.

University of Punjab, India, Mathematics, 1958 B.A. (Honors)

UNESCO, HRD Training, 1989

Dissertation Title

Some Discrete Stochastic Models

Teaching Experience

San Jose State University, 2006-2018

Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, Visiting Professor, 2009-2012

Western International University, Visiting Professor, 2004-2006

Courses taught:

  • Quantitative Business Analysis
  • Business Statistics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Training & Development
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Human Resources Management
  • Research Methodology
  • Probability Models
  • Advanced Statistical Methods

see CV for 1995-2005 experience in Business Schools, India.

Administrative and Professional Experience

Over 20 plus years

United Nations Development Program & Seychelles Institute of Management, Senior Advisor (HR), 1991-1994

Institute of Applied Manpower Research, Head/Director (HR & Training), 1973-1994

Dean, Business Schools, India, 1995 -2005

See CV for additional experience


See CV for service at SJSU for Department, College and University and service to the profession

Selected Publications

Refereed Articles

Ahuja, Y. (2017). Forecasting Trends of Migration in the United States of America: A Human Resource Perspective. Management Studies, 5 (1), 1-16.

Yudhishter Ahuja. "Some Dilemmas and Issues of Immigration in the United States and Globalization." Proceedings of the 3rd International Interdisciplinary Business-Economic Advancement Conference. (2015) p. 382 - 393

Ahuja, Y. (2014). Leveraging Human Resources for Global Competitiveness: The New Paradigm. Indian Journal of Training & Development, 44 (1)..

Ahuja, Y. (2011). Faculty and Trainer Motivation and Effectiveness in Global Competitive Environment. Indian Journal of Training & Development, 41 (3).

Yudhishter Ahuja. "Leadership Challenges and Globalization" Indian Journal of Training & Development Vol. 39 Iss. 2 (2009)

Yudhishter Ahuja. "Some Recent Dimensions in Corporate Governance for Managerial and Organizational Effectiveness" Indian Journal of Training & Development Vol. 37 Iss. 3 (2007)

Yudhishter Ahuja. "Some Recent Dimensions in Corporate Governance" Indian Management, Journal of the All India Management Association (2005)

See CV for refereed proceedings, presentations and other contributions

Personal Commentary

Dr. Yudhi Ahuja was privileged to serve SJSU for 12 year from 2006 to 2018 in a very congenial environment with active student involvement and service, collegiality and great opportunities to serve the Department/College/University. The teaching, research, service and professional opportunities, financial support and environment further facilitated participation and presentation of papers every year in Conferences and even earning the title of SJSU SCHOLAR (2015), thereby maintaining the SA status in research. This resulted in the publication of five research papers including the paper “Forecasting Trends of Migration to the United States of America: A Human Resource Perspective” published in Management Studies, U.S.A., Jan-Feb, 2017. In brief, he remained extremely active professionally with full complement of committee work, research, conference attendance, teaching workshops, other activities such as organizing Guest Lectures, besides enjoying teaching at the university level and helping students and thereby “routinely participating in department, college and university activities and contributing to college accreditation efforts through scholarly activities”. Dr. Yudhi Ahuja continues to be active in his professional life and career. .He has been nominated recently as a Member of the Executive Committee of Indian Society of Training and Development, India. He is well connected with Business Schools in India/U.S.A. and Community Colleges in U.S.A. His ongoing research interests in Human Resources and Business Analytics are likely to result in presenting papers in Seminars and Conferences.

As a former Senior Human Resource Development (HRD) Advisor to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Dean, Business Schools, India and Visiting Professor in Chulalongkorn University, Thailand, Prof. Ahuja is an expert in the field of management education, human resources, quantitative techniques/business analytics, academic administration and institutional development. He has acquired long experience in teaching, training, research, consulting and management of academic activities at institutions in India and abroad. Prof. Ahuja has gained diverse global experience through extensive involvement with the ILO, UNESCO, World Bank and UNDP. He is credited with strengthening and developing the Seychelles Institute of Management. Institutional development has been his specialization through various national and international assignments. He has the rare distinction of being acknowledged as an expert in human resource management for designing manpower and education systems and institutional development in India, Bahrain, Oman, the Philippines, Mauritius and Seychelles. Prof. Ahuja was privileged to lead the international training programs for developing countries on human resource development for five years at a nationally funded institute in India.

Prof. Ahuja completed his Doctorate in Statistics from Delhi University, India. His Ph.D. dissertation “Some Discrete Stochastic Models” has numerous applications towards Human Resources. He was trained by ILO/UNESCO in human resource development, educational planning and has numerous publications to his credit. He was honored as a speaker by the 7th World Congress on Total Quality (Feb. 1997, New Delhi), where he presented a paper on ‘Managing Business Schools for Sustainable Performance’ which was subsequently published in Total Quality Management, a publication by Tata McGraw Hill. His subsequent presentation on ‘Changing Environment and its Impact on Human Resources’ at international forums received special recognition. Earlier in May 2004, he presented a paper on ‘Human Dimensions in Corporate Governance’ at an international conference in New Delhi. which was organized by the Foundation of Indian Industry & Economists in cooperation with PricewaterhouseCoopers and MBA students of Indo-American Business School. Prof. Ahuja was conferred an Honorary Fellowship by the esteemed Indian Society for Training and Development in 2004 in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the cause of human resource development. He has published several papers covering various aspects of human resource management such as Corporate Governance, Motivation and Leadership Challenges in the Indian Journal of Training and Development. His latest paper is ‘Forecasting Trends of Migration in the United States of America: A Human Resource Perspective’, Journal of Management Studies, Volume 5, Number 1, Jan-Feb 2017, U.S.A.

As an active member of the Board of various professional bodies, Prof. Ahuja has made substantial contributions in teaching and training programs for industry executives. Prof. Ahuja is widely accepted as an authority on human resources, quantitative techniques, and development of professional institutes and administration of academic activities in business management schools. He continues to be a member of various professional Bodies including Western Decision Sciences Institute, INFORMS, All India Management Association and Indian Society for Training and Development. He is a Fellow of the Indian Society for Training and Development, 2004



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Ahuja, Yudhi