Ashe, Maude L. (1908-2003)

Ashe, Maude L. (1908-2003)

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Home Economics

Academic Rank

Associate Professor

Year Retired from SJSU


Educational Background

Oregon State College, 1943 MS

University of California, Berkeley, 1929 Teaching Cred.

University of California, Berkeley, 1928 AB

Kern Co. U. Junior College, 1926

Teaching Experience

San Jose State University, 1943-1973

Oregon State College, 1942

San Jose State College, 1939-1941

California Public Schools, 1930-1935

Personal Commentary

In retrospect, I feel that the good relationships between students, faculty and community of the 1930's and 1940's paved the way for later growth and development of San Jose State University. For myself, I was privileged to develop courses and methods suited to the needs of the students of the day.

My mother graduated from San Jose Normal in the 1890's and earned an AB degree in the 1930's. She was then an experienced teacher and the mother of three children.

Since August 1995, my brother and I have moved twice, "downsizing" from a three bedroom house in Bakersfield, CA to a two bedroom apartment in Overland Park, KS, and then to a retirement community in neighboring Lenexa, KS. Due to strokes in 1988 and later, which placed pressure on his spinal cord, my brother is unable to walk and became a patient in the Lakeview Medical Center. I am a resident in the attached "assisting living high rise" with both housekeeping and medical help available. I am also promised long‑term care.

Lakeview Village is managed by a foundation and has about 600 residents, many of whom live very independent lives. Many activities are provided, ranging from quilting and gardening through meals on wheels to a new project called Lazarus. Residents engaged in this project work with computers, teaching others and repairing "dead" computers (hence the name), and then providing them to schools, organizations, or individuals who could not otherwise afford them. The project is based on a foundation in Maryland and is said to be the only one in a retirement community.

Fern Wendt, who has lived several years in nearby Kansas City, MO, tells people who ask, that she did not leave California for the Midwest "for the weather." So far, the weather has affected me very little, as we have good air conditioning. During one severe thunderstorm, we were moved, for an hour, into the central corridor for protection should the windows be blown out. Like Fern, I moved from California to be near caring relatives who are younger than I. When asked if I miss California, I point out that Kansas has no mountains, so we cannot lift up our eyes to the hills.

Date Completed: 9/96

Adapted from: Biographies of Retired Faculty San Jose State University 1997: A Project of the Emeritus Faculty Association of San Jose State University. San Jose, CA: The University, 1997.


Ashe, Maude L. (1908-2003)