Publication Date


Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Coleen Saylor

Second Advisor

Rosemary J. Mann


substance abuse and treatment, social support, outpatient services


The purpose was to explore perceptions of pregnant and parenting substance abusing women in an outpatient drug treatment program regarding provider and social support. Also identified were aspects of the rehabilitation program perceived by the women as assisting them to maintain abstinence from substance use. Data were collected through a demographic questionnaire and a tool designed by the authors based on the Social Stress Model of Substance Abuse (Lindenberg, Gendrop, & Reiskin, 1993) and the literature of social support. The majority of the women were satisfied with their social support from family and friends. Sixty-seven percent of the women felt the support received from medical providers were not adequate. Also, the majority of the women received no information on risks of drug use and pregnancy from their medical providers. The women felt the program helped maintain abstinence by providing education, coping mechanisms, resources, 12-Step programs, and spiritual guidance.