Publication Date

Fall 2019

Degree Type

Master's Project

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science

First Advisor

Robert Chun

Second Advisor

Thomas Austin

Third Advisor

Kevin Smith


Music Information Retrieval, Query-by-Humming, Dynamic Time Warping, Music Instrument Digital Interface, Mean Reciprocal Rank, Similarity Matching


Music Information Retrieval (MIR) is a particular research area of great interest because there are various strategies to retrieve music. To retrieve music, it is important to find a similarity between the input query and the matching music. Several solutions have been proposed that are currently being used in the application domain(s) such as Query- by-Example (QBE) which takes a sample of an audio recording playing in the background and retrieves the result. However, there is no efficient approach to solve this problem in a Query-by-Humming (QBH) application. In a Query-by-Humming application, the aim is to retrieve music that is most similar to the hummed query in an efficient manner. In this paper, I shall discuss the different music information retrieval techniques and their system architectures. Moreover, I will discuss the Query-by-Humming approach and its various techniques that allow for a novel method for music retrieval. Lastly, we conclude that the proposed system was effective combined with the MIDI dataset and custom hummed queries that were recorded from a sample of people. Although, the MRR was measured at 0.82 – 0.90 for only 100 songs in the database, the retrieval time was very high. Therefore, improving the retrieval time and Deep Learning approaches are suggested for future work.