Publication Date

Fall 2010

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Journalism and Mass Communications


William Briggs

Subject Areas

Mass Communications; Latin American Studies; Music


This thesis examined the marketing strategies for Latin alternative music used on MySpace, Facebook, and Al Borde (On the Edge). This study found that the understanding of the target demographic was important for implementing successful marketing strategies to niche audiences. Marketing Latin alternative music has not been successful at a mainstream level; therefore, marketers have targeted niche communities on social networking sites. The most dominant strategy used involved the status update feature on Facebook. It allowed musicians and marketers to communicate information and media to a large network of individuals across the country. Three other major strategies included event invitations, blogs, and the use of various types of digital media. They were also communicated through the status updates on Facebook. Finally, this thesis examined the transmission of culture, and it was found that culture was transmitted through the shared attitudes, beliefs, values, languages, and activities between the artists and the audience.