Publication Date

Spring 2011

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Periklis P. Papadopoulos


chemical nonequilibrium, computational fluid dynamics, graphic processing unit

Subject Areas

Aerospace Engineering


The focus of the current research is to develop a numerical framework on the Graphic Processing Units (GPU) capable of modeling chemically reacting flow. The framework incorporates a high-order finite volume method coupled with an implicit solver for the chemical kinetics. Both the fluid solver and the kinetics solver are designed to take advantage of the GPU architecture to achieve high performance. The structure of the numerical framework is shown, detailing different aspects of the optimization implemented on the solver. The mathematical formulation of the core algorithms is presented along with a series of standard test cases, including both nonreactive and reactive flows, in order to validate the capability of the numerical solver. The performance results obtained with the current framework show the parallelization efficiency of the solver and emphasize the capability of the GPU in performing scientific calculations.

Distribution A: Approved for public release; distribution unlimited. PA #11179