Publication Date

Summer 2011

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Sharon Glazer


Asian Indian, monichronicity, polychronicity, polytasking, temporal, time

Subject Areas



The current study explored the relationship between country of origin and personal and organizational polytasking in relation to stressors and strains. The study also investigated how temporal incongruence could be a source of stress. A total of 440 surveys were collected from full-time employees, including Asian Indians in the USA (n= 67), Asian Indians in India (n=253), and non-Asian Indians in the USA (n= 120). Results indicate that non-Asian Indians in the USA perceive significantly greater levels of personal and organizational polytasking than Asian Indians. There were no significant differences in perceptions of personal and organizational polytasking for Asian Indians (in India and the USA). Second, stressor and strain responses to perceptions of organizational polytasking and temporal incongruence were different among the three cultural groups. Implications for time management and future research directions are discussed.