Publication Date

Fall 2011

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Megumi Hosoda


employee perceptions, OCB, organizational citizenship behavior, organizational climate, organizational creativity

Subject Areas

Psychology; Organizational behavior


Technology is growing exponentially, and there is no time to waste for organizations in designing and implementing a creative climate strategy. This study was conducted to explore the relationship between organizational citizenship behaviors (OCB) and organizational climates that promote creativity. By collecting data from working undergraduate and MBA students (N=201), multiple significant positive relationships were found between several of the dimensions making up both of these constructs. The results of this study show that employee perceptions of creative climates are moderately related to pro-social behaviors. For employees, working in organizations that promote a creative climate relates to having supportive social-exchange relationships and intrinsic motivation to do their jobs. Moreover, practical implications from this study suggest that organizations benefit as well. Employee perceptions of organizations with climates fostering and supporting creativity were strongly related to reports of creative output and productivity. Additionally, these perceptions were related to participants' self-reported discretionary efforts targeted toward both the organization and their fellow co-workers.