Publication Date

Fall 2011

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Howard Tokunaga


information systems, information technology, IT implementation, post-implementation, technology acceptance, user participation

Subject Areas

Psychology; Organizational behavior; Information science


Implementing information technology (IT) systems to support organizational effectiveness and enhance efficiencies is increasingly costly, challenging, and has a low success rate. Many researchers have explored user technology acceptance as a key to successful implementation of IT systems. Research on characteristics inherent to the implementation process can aid interventions designed to enhance user technology acceptance. User participation is a process characteristic that has been linked to IT system success and user satisfaction before and during implementation.

Using data from 131 survey respondents, the current study investigated the relationship between user participation and technology acceptance in the post-implementation phase of an IT system. Analysis showed that user participation via hands-on learning activities and relationship with information systems (IS) staff had a positive impact on user affective and cognitive technology acceptance. Results suggest that the more users maintain a relationship with IS staff and take part in hands-on learning activities related to an IT system, the more they will like the IT system and perceive benefits of using the particular system. Findings and directions for future research and intervention development are discussed.