Publication Date

Fall 2011

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Megumi Hosoda

Subject Areas



Various studies indicate the workplace to be an important source of stress. Researchers analyzing the relationship between stressors and strains in the workplace have urged for the need to explore various moderators that influence this relationship. The purpose of the present study was to explore whether justice perception (perceived procedural justice and interactional justice) moderates the relationship of role stressors and strains. Role stressors included role overload, role conflict, and role ambiguity. Strains were measured in terms of anxiety, general health, affective commitment, intention to leave, and job satisfaction. One hundred and fifty-five employees from three government-owned organizations in India participated in this study. Results of the study show that perceived procedural justice was a significant moderator in the relationship between the role stressors and general health. Results also show a direct relationship of justice perceptions with strains. This study suggests that justice perceptions should be considered as stressors. Implications of the findings are discussed.