Publication Date

Spring 2012

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


English and Comparative Literature


Andrew Fleck


Creative nonfiction, Darkly humorous, Memoir essay collection, Social network margins, Solo adventures, Travelogues

Subject Areas

Literature; Modern literature; Comparative literature


More Myself by Karin McKie is about living in the margins of the social network. As an ad hoc anthropologist, I survey my journeys, both internal and external, with a wry eye. I have lived alone since 1993, work mostly from home, no texting on my phone, and no kids ... that I know about. Throughout these essays, I chronicle the differences, as well as the intersections, between loneliness and being alone.

What is the nature of solitude? Am I worth knowing; am I worth loving? How did I get where I've got? From Virginia to Chicago and San José, to China and the past and back again, I take a darkly humorous look at being a different kind of person, leading a solo life, leaping before looking more often than not. What has been done to me, and what have I wrought myself?

Along the way, I also explore specialness, wussiness, forgiveness, newness and brownness, wee things and fat asses, shame and soil, mummies and MLK, and how feeling at ease and being just right remain elusive.

Open your eyes, and ride the ride.