Publication Date

Summer 2012

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Joseph J. Pesek


Bonded Stationary Phases, HPLC, RP/ANP, Silica C

Subject Areas

Chemistry; Analytical chemistry


High pressure liquid chromatography is one of the most frequently used methods for the separation of mixtures. Chemically modified silica hydride stationary phases, due to their unique selectivity and versatility, have been the focus of an increasing number of studies in the past several years. The objective of fabricating stationary phases with dual properties is to achieve separation of both polar and non-polar components in a single analysis. Due to an increasing demand in the fields of drug discovery, proteomics, and metabolomics to analyze numerous samples with a wide range of polarities, there is a need for more versatile stationary phases for a wide range of applications. In order to meet the above objective, in this research four novel silica hydride-based columns were synthesized using a hydrosilation procedure. The characterization of each column was done using a series of polar and nonpolar compounds by studying their aqueous normal phase and reversed-phase chromatographic behavior. Under these conditions, it turned out that two columns showed both RP and ANP behaviors. Of the remaining columns, one exhibited ANP behavior only and the other performed only in the reversed-phase mode.

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