Publication Date

Spring 2013

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Television, Radio, Film and Theatre and Animation and Illustration


Alison McKee


Acting Techniques for Presentations, Business Presentations, Fear of Public Speaking, Mindfulness, Present Moment Awareness, Public Speaking

Subject Areas

Communication; Performing arts education; Theater


This thesis explores incorporating the use of acting skills in business presentations using present moment awareness techniques. Present moment awareness is defined in this study as the use of improvisation, intention, voice, and body/sensory awareness and is drawn primarily from the theoretical work of Patsy Rodenburg.

The research project followed nine adult student-participants through a five-week course of study in business presentation methods, which incorporated the present moment awareness acting techniques. Data were collected throughout the five weeks and included a pre and post survey, participant journaling prompts, a researcher journal, peer reviews, and participant interviews. The study concluded that the practice of present moment awareness has great potential in offering business speakers very specific tools to calm their nerves, improve their focus, connect fully with their audience, and deliver their message successfully.